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Equity Underwriter

EFEC is proud to host the most inclusive fundraising event in the Vail Valley. This equity underwriting opportunity supports EFEC in ensuring that anyone of any socioeconomic status receives a bleacher seat ticket ($45). In 2022, EFEC subsidized $30,000 in entry costs, ensuring our students, teachers, and low-income families could participate or attend.

sponsor benefits for all underwriters
  • In Perpetuity: Individual or Brand acknowledgment on and 

  • Social Media Posts

  • Billing on jumbotron screen slide show

  • Digital Event Program

additional benefits for this underwriting
  • Bleacher Seat Branding - prominent wall posters

  • Bleacher Seat Flyers - take home flyer displayed at each seat (120 per underwriter)


5 Available


Students, teachers, and families of any socioeconomic status to attend and participate in Project Funway

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