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Why Support Us?

"EFEC is an incredibly effective and innovative leader in Colorado's education landscape. Colorado has the least competitive teacher salaries in the nation. Addressing that requires outreach, action, and advocacy at both the state and local levels. That's why organizations that support our schools and kids should look to the EFEC team and their extraordinary efforts in Eagle County. EFEC is the gold standard for this critical work.

- Lisa Weil, Great Education Colorado

Project Funway is the main fundraiser for the Education Foundation of Eagle County, a non-profit organization that supports our local students and teachers, filling the large gap created by a severe shortage of funding for our Vail Valley schools.


Even though Colorado is the 5th wealthiest state in the nation, it is ranked 47th per student spending. This year Colorado has had a 10% vacancy of teachers. EFEC is the #1 teacher retention effort in our county, giving our schools the vital resources they need, good teachers!


The Education Foundation of Eagle County also provides classroom grants that have provided more in-school staffing, paraprofessional classroom support, enhanced math intervention, STEM materials, technology, musical instruments, art programming, and curriculum.

In addition, EFEC recognizes teachers who have gone above and beyond with $500 Apple Awards, as well as gives out Distinguished Teacher Scholarship Awards.

EFEC also helps our students' and teachers' mental health by serving as the lead agency for the Behavioral Education (B.E.) Partners. In addition, EFEC employs a network of paid individuals to cover recess and lunch duty allowing our teachers to focus on what they do best.

Your support in our main fundraiser, Project Funway, and continued support throughout the year ensures we can continue to support the young members of our community and the teachers and staff who nurture their development.

Thank you. 

See what the Education Foundation of Eagle County has been up to!

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