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Amanda Precourt

Project Funway Judge

Amanda Precourt is a local real estate developer, interior designer and contemporary art collector. In past Project Funways, she could be found on the runway modeling creations by local architect Karl Krueger. When asked to be a judge in 2022 she didn’t hesitate.

“I accepted knowing that my involvement would not only be creatively engaging, but most importantly will help EFEC to raise important funds needed to serve our community,” Precourt said.

“Nothing compares to a solid education in terms of providing lifelong opportunities for children to become smart, motivated, and contributing adult members of their community.”

An artist and fashion enthusiast herself, Precourt will be looking for outfits that resonate with her fondness for bold, cutting-edge styles.

(Content from "Vail Daily," Arts & Entertainment section, Saturday, March 5, 2022.)

Amanda Precourt
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